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The financial world is booming these days – and it’s booming globally – with a significant emphasis on growth and cautious optimism about how 2021 and beyond (at least in the short term) could prove to be even more exciting than the last few years have been. Vegatron Systems is one of the best finance recruitment agency among to provide  finance staffing solutions for industries looking for quality staffing.

With optimism running this high it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a financial services industry survey found that nearly 95% of the responding companies had open positions that they were looking to fill – with banking, insurance, and investment companies being some of the types of operations looking for finance industry staffing ASAP!

Interestingly enough, this same survey showed that financial institutions across a multitude of industries were having a tough time finding qualified candidates to take new positions that were opening up or being created. Intense talent competition has really put these kinds of operations on the offensive, looking to find the very best financial experts available in a prospect pool that is shrinking regularly.

Vegatron Systems, a top-tier finance staffing agencies, understands that the world of finance today is changing faster than maybe any other point in time in human history.

We have a millennial generation that is getting older and older with very disruptive ideas about traditional financial industries like banking and insurance, and while many of them are accumulating significant wealth they are – on average – less likely to own a vehicle or own a home.

The digital age has transformed the world of finance as well from top to bottom, with nearly 75% of all Americans using mobile applications to do at least some of their banking. Administrative tasks are being automated and financial service recruiters like the ones that Vegatron Systems are searching for truly talented professionals that can take natural organizations to the next level.

Fintech and Insurtech industries are competing for top-tier entry-level candidates as well, and the competition here is as fierce as it has ever been. Young talent that can be cultivated and trained for advancement (talent that will be heavily invested in) is a major focus for organizations like Vegatron Systems and their clients.

At the end of the day, it’s critical that organizations partner with professional recruiters and staffing professionals that can find the right fit for positions as opposed to taking a more scattered approach to hopefully filling a position with someone that can grow to flesh it out.

Vegatron Systems is always actively searching for the best talent in the financial world, selectively working through applicants to make sure that each and every recommendation passed along – whether that recommendation be for a finance manager or accountant position, or something else entirely – has been thoroughly vetted and researched to be the best fit possible.

Because of their expertise in the field, Vegatron Systems has been able to develop a reputation as a staffing agency that can offer:

  • Complete staffing solutions from top to bottom, entry-level to CFO, and fill positions whether a client is looking for a single staff account assistant to be brought on board or a team of financial advisor experts to tackle complex and long-term projects
  • Multiple areas of expertise through a focused networking approach, helping to tap into a reservoir of top-tier talent that might have otherwise gone overlooked previously
  • Significant time savings and return on your investment, helping you to navigate a single point of contact to fill multiple financial service positions at your organization regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a financial analyst, risk management expert, or someone else entirely

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Vegatron Systems is also uniquely suited to working individually with each client to find out exactly what their specific needs are as well as what their long-term goals are for the professionals that will fill these positions.

Too often other organizations take a much shorter term approach. With Vegatron Systems, you’ll find a partner that is as interested in your long-term success with these applicants and these professionals as you are – going above and beyond to make sure that you’re bringing on board individuals with skills and talents that will help propel you to great success in the future.

To learn more about how Vegatron Systems can help fill financial service positions at your business or organization reach out at your earliest convenience for more details.

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