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“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”
- Team Vegatron Systems

Access the Right skills Right now

No matter what your technical, marketing, development or plant production needs may be, our deep experts of remote and on-site skilled and experienced staffers can help you. Much of the skills our staffers bring are in short supply in places like Silicon Valley, Financial Districts & Industrial Towns. Since we have several different locations worldwide, you can rest assured that you’ll always have on-site or remote access to the right talent base at the right time. Our multiple locations ensure a steady supply of talent as well as redundancy in times of high client demand for certain skill sets.

Your Ideas are Safe with Us

We use bulletproof NDA’s and other legal agreements which ensure maximum protection for your intellectual property. Vegatron understands how crucial a smooth and free exchange of ideas is for any development process so we have taken great to make sure all our agreements are legally binding. We have policies in place that ensure your ideas and work product materials are safe before, during, and after you engage our services.


Our system is transparent and accountable

Vegatron did not become successful because we keep our clients in the dark. All our production processes are open to you. You get direct access to your staff so you can always see how far they are in your project. Since you get direct access, your dedicated crew always remains fully accountable to you. Our system enables you to spot fires before they start. You get to nip problems in the bud before they get too expensive to fix.

In addition to your direct control of your team, you have access to our staffing management team. We can provide back up staff or local management of your on-site or remote crew. Not only do we provide redundancy but you get access to another set of eyes managing your team.

We give you the custom recruited staff you need to disrupt your industry

Our company was built by industry experts with 25 plus years of experiences from the ground up to help visionary entrepreneurs from all over the world disrupt their industries through technology. Whether you need Creative Coding Solutions, Financial Analysts, Industrial Engineers or Robust Research Capabilities, we have a ready pool of talented, experienced, and eager staff members who can help you achieve your goals.

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility

As your company develops one project after another as you pursue your growth initiatives, your needs change. Maybe you need mostly Web development with one project only to focus mostly on marketing with your next project. Instead of hiring a permanent base of highly expensive staffers, you can access Vegatron’s flexible staffing solutions.

We have hundreds of skilled, talented, and experienced specialists you can hire Onsite & Offsite on a temporary basis. Once your project ends, you can then hire another set of on-site or remote specialists or absorb the specialists into your company as permanent employees of your company. You are not tied to your previous staff picks. We’ll just reassign them to other clients’ projects.


We are dedicated to delivering results

Our whole team is dedicated in helping clients achieve the results they envisioned. We employ development processes and project management policies that ensure maximum ROI for clients looking for results. We understand how fatal long delivery times or missed deadlines may be for your business. Accordingly, you can count on us to deliver the right results the first time around.

We don’t believe in excuses and none of our team members don’t either. All our staff deployment processes have been fine tuned to maximize smooth communication and timely delivery. You are never left in the dark regarding the status of each phase of your project. We always keep you in the loop so you are aware of your project’s development at all times. This helps our clients plan ahead in terms of marketing, in-house staffing, or getting further funding.


Advantage of rapid changes in your industry

Make no mistake, if you are looking for a quick, nimble, ever adaptable staffing partner that enables you to seize tomorrow’s opportunities and deliver results today, Vegatron is it!

We help you fine tune your ideas and unlock their fullest potential

If you’re looking for creative and imaginative development solutions, you have come to the right place. We don’t believe in doing the exact same things as your competition or your industry’s average players. Instead, we help you come up with truly amazing solutions to your industry’s problems by giving you access to creative and imaginative team players.

Not only are they custom recruited for their mission critical skills, we also go out of our way to recruit truly proactive problem solvers. These are the kinds of team members you need to fully unlock the potential of your ideas and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Contact us today to access the kind of always available tried and proven international talent base you need to take your company to the next level.

Contact us today to access the kind of always available tried and proven international talent base you need to take your company to the next level. Submit
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With 15+ years of industry experience, Vegatron Systems provides creative project management and staffing solutions by leveraging our expertise and network of professionals for Contingent Labor, Direct Hire placement and Temporary Contract Staffing placements provides your organization Agility and flexibility by utilizing our engagement & services like Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Services Program (MSP), Statement of Work (SOW) and Payroll & Accounting.