“A Project Management & Technology Solutions Company” 

We are

Vegatron Systems spearheaded by 18+ years of experienced and innovative industry recognized professionals, project managers, technology experts, product developers, and contingent staffing workforce leaders.  We have been providing clients the world over remote and onsite Project Management solutions they need to turn their ideas into reality.

We are at Vegatron Systems, fueled by a burning passion for helping entrepreneurs give birth to tomorrow’s world. We live to help clients turn their fantastic ideas into actual products and services people the world over can enjoy. We achieve this by giving them access to a globally located proficient skills base free of the constraints of high costs and restricted local supply.

Whether you’re looking for on-site or offsite staff, Vegatron’s massive labor infrastructure helps you access the right talent you need to take your business to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a fast-growing mid-sized company or a mature enterprise is venturing out into new industry verticals, our globally distributed talent base can help you grow and achieve your goals.


The Future begins with Your vision

Vegatron Systems has been engaged in providing creative Project Management , Contingent workforce, Staffing & Recruitment Solutions by taking holistic agile approach. Our customers being among the most successful organizations in Information Technology and Managed Services ranging across industries. We have engaged with organizations in the Information Technology & Mechatronics, eSports & Gaming, Data Science & Analytics, Embedded Engineering, Financial, Energy & Utilities and Healthcare & Pharma industries.

We have built culturally fit teams from the ground up, and find it very exciting to be fortunate enough to help our customers by ”Connecting the Right Resource with Right Engagement Partnership”.

Across USA, Vegatron Systems is serving its clients in the cities of Atlanta Georgia, Charlotte North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, Huston Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, New York, District of Columbia, Portland Oregon, Troy Michigan, Salt Lake City Utah, Boston Massachusetts, Tampa Florida and San Francisco, San Diego CA.


Our mission is to focus our Project Management, Workforce acquisition expertise and our philosophy to hire & retain the most creative, diligent, talented individuals to help us exceed our clients’ markets & industries demands by taking a holistic agile approach.

We believe people drive business performance. People make the difference.

Services we provide:


Looking for the Right Engagement Partnership?

… Coordinate with Agility. Reduce time coordinators by gaining access to an extensive network of professionals with whom you can engage for


Where will your talents take you?… a venture-funded startup firm? Large established firm? Submit your resume for job opportunities that fit into your long-term career strategy.